Geraldine Orchard Farmshop & Cafe

56 Main North Road, Geraldine

Phone: 03 6939514

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Christmas Order List

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Saturday  22 December  AM

Saturday 22 December   PM


Sunday 23 December  AM

Sunday 23 December  PM

  Monday 24 December   AM Monday 24 December    PM

Our Most popular Items:


Carrot bunches Alfalfa Sprouts / Snow pea shoots
Lettuces Avocados /Eggplant
Peas in the pod Beans - Green or Broad
Potatoes (new) Jersey Bennes Beetroot / Courgettes
Potatoes (new) Cabbage - Green or Red
Tomatoes Carrots - 1.5kg bag
Apricots Cauliflower / Broccoli
Cherries Celery
Nectarines Cherry Tomatoes
Peaches Cucumber - Short / Telegraph
Raspberries (small pottle) Garlic / Ginger
Strawberries (small pottle) Kumara - Orange or Red
Blueberries (small pottle) Lettuce frilled - Red / Green
Other berries -small pottle Mung Beans


Mushrooms - Button or Flats
Onions - Brown or Red
Apples Parsley / Herbs
Bananas Parsnips
Grapes -green/black/red Peppers - red/green/yellow/orange
Kiwifruit Pumpkin
Lemons Radishes / Spring Onion
Melons - Water / Rock / Honeydew Silverbeet / Spinach
Oranges / Mandarins    
Pineapple gold / Mangoes    

Sundry items:

French Bakery Products
Gift Baskets - your price Cannon Hill Condiments
Gourmet Cheese Taste of Provence Pates etc
Clearwater Yoghurt Nuts / Seeds / Dried Fruits
Freeflo Frozen Berries Ham
Eggs / Eggs free range Milk / Cream/ Custard
Meat Smallgoods / Salmon Other - please specify
Fresh Baked Bread Paleo & Gluten Free 

Your questions or comments

We will endeavour to get you the best quality at the best price. Please be as specific as possible so that we can provide you with the best service. Please place your order by 16th December. If due to weather something is unavailable, we will let you know. Call and discuss if you want something not on the list.


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