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Improving our environment

The Raukapuka Stream runs right through the centre of our property. In 2005, in consultation with Environment Canterbury (Ecan), we decided to improve the environment, water quality and surrounding of the stream. Ecan were involved every step of the way. Our first efforts had some problems. We had just finished planting hundreds of trees when we had the heaviest snowfall in more than 50 years.  Many of the newly planted trees were badly damaged.

Since then many thousands of trees, shrubs and native grasses have been planted along the 1 km of the stream that passes through the property. It is an on-going project. weed control is done once a year. There are many problem weeds, Blackberry, Broom, Old man's Beard (clematis vitalba) and willows are probably the worst. Now the stream is in a much better condition and the pukeko for which are gardens are named are breeding well and we have even been visited by a rare white heron.

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The stream just before starting our planting

The rubbish has all been cleaned away

 but it is very bare and unattractive 

The native bush has regrown along the stream

and the banks alongside Pukeko gardens are beautiful

As are those alongside the orchard

Our ducks enjoy the stream

The stream is almost invisible,
giving great protection to the wildlife

The stream alongside the orchard

Looking towards Pukeko gardens

The stream

The stream

More views of the stream by Pukeko Gardens

The stream from the orchard

from the orchard

The Paradise duck that has been breeding
on our pond for 8 years 

Paradise ducks

The white heron that visited







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