Geraldine Orchard Farmshop & Cafe

56 Main North Road, Geraldine

Phone: 03 6939514

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Our old shop

Another view of our old shop

Ready to start work and the snow arrives!

Starting work at last

Preparing the site

Putting in the driveway


Levelling the site

Levelling the site

Pouring the concrete

The concrete slab is laid

The steel frame starts to go up

The office desk in place

Covering the desk until the roof goes up

The steel frame continues to go up

and up

The frame is almost finished

Ready for the roof

The interior before the roof goes on

The interior with the roof on

The pink batts ready

Installing the pink batts

Pink batts installed

Finishing the interior

Cladding the exterior

Cladding the exterior

Almost complete!

Ready for landscaping

Peter mowing the grass - about ready to open

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