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                                         Play SOCCER GOLF

Great fun for the whole family

    Adults $7

Children under 16    $5            under 5 free

$20 max for a family



Geraldine Orchard, Farm Shop & Cafe owner Peter McColl opened his latest project, Soccer Golf, at the back of the complex on Wednesday. The first Soccer Golf course opened in Geraldine on Wednesday but don't get your clubs out as it's not that version - this is fun-football cum-a-smidgen of mini golf. 

With a nine hole course, obstacles and reflectors along the way, players must kick the football through set openings and into a hole behind the structures.

Geraldine Orchard, Farm Shop & Cafe co-owners Peter and Lyn McColl worked on the original concept after seeing a similar sport on TV in November last year.

Deciding on a farming and local business theme, the course had been created using old tyres, hay bales and other bits and bobs. The course had been structured to make it a challenge for even those who fancied themselves as a bit of a Lionel Messi.

It was not similar to FootGolf, which was introduced at St Andrew's Golf Club in October 2014 and combined the two sports, McColl said.

Golf is not part of the game, the only similarities were that there were 18 holes (course completed twice), players could compete in a team or as an individual, the scorecard and the aim to get the ball in the hole behind the obstacles.

No par had yet been determined, but as more players checked it out one would be established, McColl said.  




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